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Dominica Carnuccio

Dominica Carnuccio


Hi! My name is Dominica Carnuccio (Dee).

What would the world be like if every Christian was mission-minded and intentional with sharing their faith with boldness?

In September 2021, I joined YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and completed my DTS (discipleship training school) in Kona, Hawaii with Fire and Fragrance. I went to SE Asia and Mexico for outreach. Through DTS, I got training and experience to live a life of boldness and step out in faith in order to see someone come to know Jesus. I desire to see young people grow in this same way. For this next season, I feel God is inviting me to go on staff with Fire and Fragrance to empower young people to pursue their passions and learn what it means to live their lives mission-minded!

Before I lead others in a Biblical way, I am working on getting a greater foundation in the Word. I am going back to Kona to complete a 3-month Bible school, where I will read the entire Bible and learn the historical context and main ideas of the Bible. Then, I will do leadership training and join staff for the fall DTS! Joining staff would be a 2-year commitment.

Staffing a DTS is 100% support-based. In order to do this, I will need a team of supporters who believe in what I am doing and want to get involved! Financial support would go towards living expenses such as housing, food, medical, transportation, and outreaches!

Would you pray about joining my support team, whether that be as a monthly supporter, one-time supporter, or through prayer?

Thank you!


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