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Daniel Bryan

My name is Daniel Bryan, and I’m a full-time missionary that’s a part of the missions organization called, Circuit Riders (YWAM) that is based in Huntington Beach, CA. Circuit Riders is an extension from Youth With a Mission which is the largest global missions organization. We are a grassroots movement of young people who are carrying the love of Jesus. We are a national family of activists and creatives who are obsessed with reaching our generation with Jesus’ love and catalyzing change.

My involvement within Circuit Riders includes music, media, and leadership in different capacities. January 2016 I joined CR full-time with the belief that God is wanting to do something unprecedented in this generation that will shift the culture of this world to the culture of Christ. In the past year I’ve seen and been a part of things that I would never imagine with a group of people that are so driven by love. From small gatherings on universities to being in front of thousands, God is awakening a generation to his heart.

It’s my heart to see this generation equipped, empowered, and given permission to reach the lost in their sphere of society. I want to inspire many through the culture of Jesus, music, and media … and continue to witness God do the unprecedented.

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