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Danielle Braun

Danielle Braun


I am a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) missionary to Norway! I am located just south of Tromso, at a base called Borgen (it’s the most northern YWAM base in the world!).

I completed my DTS (discipleship training school), at this base in March of 2017, and I will be heading back there in the fall to participate as staff in the next years DTS. DTS completely changed my life from struggling to see how and where God was in this crazy world to knowing without a doubt that He walks with us every day through everything! That paired with our focus on Justice, and what God’s justice is for our world has grabbed my heart and isn’t letting go.

As I go back I will be a part of mentoring the new students the exact same way I was last year, to walk with them as they are seeing God move in their lives in incredible and powerful ways. We are equipping them to do what Jesus tells us to do in Matthew 28:19, go and teach all the nations!

I am truly blessed to be given this call and opportunity to follow God’s leading back into the mission field where I get to love and minister to the students of all different nations and travel with them to minister to even more nations. God is SO GOOD!

Feel free to follow along with my adventures at or email me questions at

Thank you for your support!

Blessings and love,

Dani Braun

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