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Danielle Blood

Danielle Blood


Hi!! I'm Danielle!

Last January I had the opportunity to do a discipleship training school with Fire and Fragrance South Africa! I spent three months in South Africa and three months in the nations sharing the good news of Jesus!

Fire and Fragrance is a circle within Youth With A Mission committed to raising up a generation that carries a fire in their hearts for Jesus that becomes a fragrance of Christ to the lost.

There are currently 3 billion people who have never experienced the power of the Gospel or the love of Jesus.  As believers we have the honor of getting to partner with what the Lord is doing on the earth and seeing the unreached reached. 

At the end of January I have the opportunity to go back to South Africa for the school of Revival and Reformation. During this school we will be studying revival and reformation, be equipped in how to live a lifestyle of evangelism and share the gospel with every worldview, how to see society through God's eye, catch a vision for lasting change, gain skills to communicate and lead teams and projects that lead to true transformation. I will also be connected with an internship getting hands-on experience in partnering with God's heart to see change. And then we will be carrying out everything that we've learned into the nations!!!!

If you'd like to partner with me as I set my feet towards long term missions I would love all the prayer, as I am in the process of getting my South African Visa and preparing to leave home!


I am also currently in the process of raising about $6000 for tuition and am looking for a team of partners to sow monthly for living expenses while I am in South Africa!


Abundantly thankful for the path the Lord has set me on and am so excited for all that he has in store.


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