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David Ansari

David Ansari


I grew up in a Muslim country and in a Muslim family. During the 70’s I came to know about Jesus through some ABWE Missionary. That is the first time I learned that there is another religion other than Islam. That made me curious and I started to study about both Christianity and Islam. My study confused and depressed me and I wanted answer to the question who is God? When I was about to take my life, Jesus answered that He is the only God who can redeem sins and guarantee the eternal life.

From that moment on everything changed. I had to leave the area I grew up in, leaving everything behind because of my new faith and being raised a Muslim. My own family wanted to kill me. Koran 2:191

After that I was separated from my family and my friends for 24 years. When my father became sick in 2002 he called me and requested for me to come and see him before he died. I went there with my two sons and my wife and was able to be reconciled with my family, It was an answer of our prayer of many years.

When we were leaving the country God gave me a sense that I must work for my own people and let them know how I have been saved, and that they need salvation too. Mark:5:19 Since then I have been working among the Muslims here in the United States and around the world to let them know Jesus is the only true God and He is the only one who can give you the guarantee of eternal life.

I have now been living in the USA with my two boys and wife for last 25 years, and plan to work for the gospel until I have ability to move. I would love your help and prayer, so that we together can reach many who do not know Jesus or about God’s Salvation. There are so many of them around the world that are stuck in their tradition and that are following wrong beliefs and that do not know the truth of the Gospel. Rom: 10:14.

Thank you for seeking the Lord with respect to praying for our ministry and supporting the work of God financially that He has entrusted to me.

David Ansari

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