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Caitlyn Wolf

Caitlyn Wolf


Hey! I am Caitlyn Wolf, a full-time missionary with Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, California!

A little about myself, so I grew up in a small town in west Texas. I knew Jesus my whole life but didn’t know what it meant to have real relationship with Him till my senior year of high school when my sister passed away in a car accident! After that realization I jumped straight into missions when I graduated in 2017! I went to Puerto Rico for two weeks that summer. In 2018 I went to South Africa and Swaziland for two months. I found out about Circuit Riders in 2019 at The Send in Orlando, FL and decided to join them in 2020. I just finished going through the Discipleship Training School (DTS) this past April and realized God is calling me to go into full time missions with the Circuit Riders. So I will be joining them this fall!

Our purpose as Circuit Riders is to carry the love of Jesus to university and high school campuses across America. To save the lost, revive the saved, and to train them all! My goal is to show this generation that there is a relationship that God longs to have with them!

Among the many things I will be doing as a staff member, I will be leading students through our Discipleship Training School, leading ministry teams across America, traveling to help with tent revivals, showing the love of Jesus to every person I come in contact with, and sharing the gospel with so many people across the United States!

So, to make this all happen I am asking would you consider partnering with me in prayer and financially to see this next generation awakened in the love of Jesus?!

Thank you!


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