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Christina Turner

Christina Turner


Hello Dear Friends!

I have been living the life of a full-time missionary for over two years now! I am so thankful for my time in Las Vegas, and the way it became a launching pad for the nation, maybe even the nations! After so much confirmation from the Lord, I am so excited to be joining the Circuit Riders Movement. Their missions statement truly describes what I believe I have been called to –

“To Save the lost. Revive the Saved. Train them all.”

What will I be doing:

I am a part of their university circle that tours the nation and now Europe, going to college campuses, house gatherings and gatherings in fields to proclaim the gospel, commission the body and train people in ways to advance the kingdom! The tour that we do is called “Carry The Love”. We are carrying the love of Jesus across the states and believing that everywhere we go people will get the chance to truly encounter the love of Jesus. This will happen from January to April. During the Fall, we will be training, studying the bible and planning out our tours.


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