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Christina Turner

Christina Turner


Hey! My name is Christina Turner and I am a missionary with Circuit Riders. I have been a full time missionary since I graduated college in 2018, started by running a school of ministry in Las Vegas and transitioning into serving Circuit Riders in 2020. 

Why Circuit Riders? Circuit Riders is a YWAM mission and training community that launches movements to reach the next generation. Our passion is Jesus, our mission field is our generation and our opportunity is now. We want to see the lost saved, the saved revived and train them all. 

The original Circuit Riders were a movement of selfless, dedicated individuals who gave their very lives to reaching the lost, forming discipleship settings, and shifting the culture around them through wholehearted obedience to Scripture. Their zeal for God created a contagion of simple obedience to the teachings of Jesus and resulted in a movement later described as the First Great Awakening.

Wherever you find yourself in the world, the fact remains that Jesus has been misrepresented, many have false ideas of who He is and what He is like. My vision is to see our generation wake up to who Jesus truly is and that the body of Christ would step into their missional call to share the gospel and meet the needs around them. 

This has been lived out by going on Carry the Love tours across America to college campuses, training college students how to gather their friends and preach the gospel. I’ve also done evangelistic initiatives and training schools equipping the masses how to reach their city. Some of those cities were found in the nations of Kenya, Burundi, Egypt, Hungary, France & England!!

I am so thankful for every person who has partnered with me financially and in prayer. You have a huge part in every testimony!!


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