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Caitlin Singleton

Caitlin Singleton


Hey there!

I’m Caitlin Singleton and I am a full-time missionary based out of Huntington Beach, California. 

In 2021, I began my DTS (Discipleship Training School) with Circuit Riders and completed it in 2022. After I finished my DTS, I jumped into full-time ministry back in my hometown of Fresno, California. In the last year, I have been seeking revival through prayer meetings, worship nights, community outreach, and evangelism. I have seen so much fruit come out these endeavors that I have been pursuing in Fresno, and now God is calling me back to my Circuit Rider family!

I have a huge burning on my heart not just to see revival in Fresno, but in California. With this amazing opportunity I have to run with Circuit Riders, I will get to respond to that burning on my heart to a greater extent. 

While I am with Circuit Riders, I will be helping with facilitating local outreaches to colleges, building Carry The Love 2024 tour, and raising up a network of college leaders in California. I will also have the responsibility of building and investing into key relationships with collaborating ministries and organizations to reach California. Lastly, I will be serving alongside the Circuit Riders leadership team to pioneer citywide evangelistic initiatives based in California. 

As you can see, I have a lot on my plate! Serving will Circuit Riders will not be a small job by any means, it is a full-time commitment. This is where you come in! I am in need of monthly financial supporters to come alongside me as a team so that I can be fully equipped to do all God is calling me to do in this season. Being a financial supporter is not just an investment in me as an individual, but an investment into advancing the kingdom. While what I am doing with Circuit Riders might sound like a crazy cool adventure, I can’t do it without you! It’s crucial for the body of believers to work together to see the kingdom come.

So, my ask is that you would prayerfully consider being a monthly financial investor in my work with Circuit Riders. All financial support will go towards needs such as rent, groceries, gas, utilities, and travel costs for when I go on outreach. Any amount is appreciated and so are your prayers! I am so stoked about what God is doing in this hour.

Thank you so much for your prayers and consideration!

With blessings and much love, 

Caitlin Singleton

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