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Cheryl Shedden

Cheryl Shedden


Cheryl has been serving the Foursquare church in Costa Rica and Latin American full time since 2017. She grew up as a Pastor's kid and since 2019 she has been training to serve abroad.

With a growing heart for the lost, and equipping herself for ministry, she has been through Daniel Brown's internship, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and several other ministry trainings, besides always enjoying picking up a new language that would allow her to share the Gospel to many more!

She's been training and serving in MENACA (Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia) and pouring also to her church in Costa Rica and Latin America.

Besides interpreting, exhorting and discipling, she longs to be a bridge for others to reach the field and her vision is Bringing People Close the Heart of Abba Father.

"I am trying to be obedient to the very next thing God has placed in front of me, right now I am preparing for the next place God is leading me to and forming a financial team for it." ~ Cheryl

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