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Cielo Ruiz

Cielo Ruiz


Hello, my name is Cielo Ruiz and I am currently a full time missionary with the YWAM Circuit Riders!

Our purpose as Circuit Riders is to carry the love of Jesus to university and high school campuses across America. Circuit Riders are devoted bring the love and hope of Jesus to our generation, no matter the cost. Though at times it may not seem like it, we have come to realization that college campuses are some of the most overlooked and unreached places of our generation. We are looking out and seeing the need of those being torn down by the heavy reality of depression, anxiety, self-hatred, amongst other things. We hope to raise up student-leaders on their own campus, raise up other missionaries that would Carry the Love, and see people set completely free.

Among the many things I will be doing as a staff member, I will have the immense honor of leading students through our Discipleship Training School and outreach portion, as we travel throughout the U.S. and potentially other countries as we expand. It is also on my heart to see minority communities, including the Latin American community and the African American community highlighted and raised up–especially women! I believe that minority voices have a message to contribute in ways others cannot. I am believing for unity not only among the University campuses, but across the nation.

Many ask me why I have given up the things I have for missions, but I can’t sit back and watch when I have the opportunity to GO, fight for other’s destinies, and MAKE change happen.

Check out our ministry websites at: |

Please, feel free to reach out to me with any questions by email at



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