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Corinne Rogers

Corinne Rogers


Hi! My name is Corinne Rogers and I will be joining YWAM Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, California to go through their Discipleship Training School (DTS) where I will be spending 6 months (and whatever else the Lord calls me to!) as a missionary.


I am so excited to take this step of obedience in my walk with the Lord! The mission and heartbeat behind Circuit Riders can be stated simply in this way: Save the lost, Revive the saved, and Train them all. Ultimately, the goal of Circuit Riders is to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission by preaching the gospel and training disciples of Jesus across the US and Europe.


During my DTS, I will be equipped and trained on how to be a bold evangelist, preaching the gospel to anyone and everyone. Additionally, I will be trained as a messenger. The Lord has placed a calling upon my life to lead and to teach and the first step in walking this calling is being trained in humility by other leaders and teachers. After our lecture phase, I will go out on tour across the US or Europe, preaching the gospel and facilitating worship nights on college campuses and in cities.


I will be specifically trained with Circuit Riders’ Brave Love Women movement which aims to see women activated in their identity as daughters of Christ and as women who carry the solution of the gospel. I am so excited to see so many women met by the love of Jesus and forever changed by it!


This is a calling and experience that I never would have imagined for myself, but as I completely surrendered my life to the Lord, He placed a heavy burden on my heart for these very things. I am eager to see all that the Lord has waiting for me on the other side of my eager “Yes!”


We serve an Ephesians 3:20 God, a God of abundantly more than we could ask or think. So, I would love if you would prayerfully and thoughtfully consider partnering with me financially and in prayer to see the gospel go forth.




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