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Corinne Rogers

Corinne Rogers


After completing Discipleship Training School (DTS) with Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, I am so thrilled that the Lord has asked me to go back - this time as a full-time staff member! While this is a big decision, I am simply overwhelmed at the kindness of the Lord for a gift so sweet.

The mission and heartbeat behind Circuit Riders can be simplified in this way: Save the lost, Revive the saved, and Train them all. Ultimately, the goal of Circuit Riders is to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission by preaching the gospel and training disciples of Jesus all across the US and Europe.

As a CR staff member, I will be helping lead and facilitate the very same DTS experience that I was part of, both in the fall and the spring. I will serve as a house leader where I will be responsible for overseeing one of the female DTS houses. This means that I will have the privilege to pour into 15 or so women, day in and day out, as they go through their training. I will also be helping with other training school functions such as leading a weekly local outreach, attending lectures with my students, and anything else that may come up! My house leaders were one of the biggest reasons my DTS was as incredible as it was, so I’m honored that the Lord would choose to partner with me in this very same role.

This is a calling and experience that I never would have imagined for myself, but as I completely surrendered my life to the Lord, He placed a heavy burden on my heart for these very things, specifically for discipling women. I am eager to see all that the Lord has waiting for me on the other side of this yes!

I would love if you would prayerfully and thoughtfully consider being part of my team of monthly supporters (although one time donations are still greatly appreciated).

Thank you in advance! May the gospel to go forth in and through Gen Z!




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