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Cole Risner

Cole Risner


Hi, my name is Cole Risner.

I’m hear to tell you about an amazing opportunity I have through Circuit Riders. Circuit Riders is an opportunity for young adults worldwide to move to California for six months to learn and dig into the Gospel and also involves skills you’re passionate about, whether that’s music, media, messenger, or brave love. If you know me, I picked the music and got accepted!!!! So for four months, I’ll be studying the Bible and getting trained to be an evangelist, and focusing on how to lead worship and write music and songs. After the four months, I’ll be sent to spread the Gospel and travel to big cities in the US, and be a part of the Jesus people tour.

I need your help to pursue this journey that Jesus has called me to do, spreading his name and his word to say to people how great his love is for them. I’m trying to raise 10k. I’m also putting in work and effort with my own money towards this goal. Suppose I can get 300 people to send me $20, I would have most of my goal also with the money I’ve been saving and working for. If you can not afford to give $20, anything will help 1, 5, 10, And most of all that can help would be would be prayer. Jesus turned my life around for the better and has given me a vision and opportunity to be who I was meant to be. A Circuit Rider; thank you, and I will make it so you can share and invite people to this page.

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