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Cassie Rankin

Cassie Rankin


Hi!! My name is Cassie Rankin and I am blessed to have been accepted into Circuit Riders Ministry School this summer in Orange County California!!

I will be trained for Missions, Leadership, Evangelism, Worship, and Prayer to advance the Kingdom and bring back to my home town! I, along with The LivingRoom's Burning Ones (Young Adult Ministry) will be heading out to California June 28th - July 5th.

This is an opportunity that I never thought I could be apart of. I pray that the Lord moves your heart to partner with me not only financially but through prayer, fasting, and sharing.

My individual goal is to raise $2200.00 to cover Tuition, Travel, and food. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your partnership and obedience!

Love you,

But Jesus loves you more


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