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Craig Pape

Craig Pape


Craig created Reaching the Unreached International (RUI Ministries) in 2010 out of the need to help equip indigenous church planters to reach their own people with the gospel.  Because they already know the language, the culture, and the people, they are the "New Wave" of missionaries that God has raised up to reach the unreached.  Craig accomplishes this through ongoing mentoring relationships with catalyst leaders and pastors in northern India, Nepal, and Bhutan.  He works to encourage, support, and equip them so that they can raise up young church planting gospel workers through two Bible Schools, orphan homes, and many outreach programs.

Craig partners with three catalyst leaders in NE India, NW India, and Nepal to encourage and equip them for ministry work with more than 100 church plants.  He also travels to South Asia once a year to have face-to-face meetings and personal times of prayer, training, and encouragement.  

Core values: 

1. Reaching the unreached through indigenous believers - We believe that God has raised up an army of passionate believers among the unreached to reach their own people with the gospel.

"Those who were not told about him will see, and those who have not heard will understand."  Romans 15:21

2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ – We believe that through the gospel of Jesus Christ people find hope and forgiveness from their sins.  This gospel has the power to change lives and whole communities.

3. Equipping Leaders – We believe in building strong partnerships that equip leaders for gospel outreach.  Therefore, we provide encouragement through mentoring relationships, Bible School training support, computers, bicycles, motorcycles, orphan/pastor/student sponsorships, and other outreach resources. (Col. 2:2)

4. Church Planting – We believe that God wants to use church planting movements to reach the world with the gospel.


Current Ministry Needs:

• $200 per month to support a church planting pastor

• $50 per month for Bible School student scholarship

• $200 per month for Craig's ministry needs

• $100 per month to bring the gospel to Nepal via radio and TV programs 

• $5 per Bible for a new believer

• $300/mo. for Jesus film team in Nepal

• $400 for a laptop for a pastor

• $3000 to build a new church building in India

Would you please consider supporting Craig and RUI Ministries as he seeks to help those that reach the unreached of South Asia?  Your prayers and support make a big difference!

Craig Pape

President & Founder

126 Autumn Dr.

Delavan, WI 53115

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