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Chris & Jess Maybury

Chris & Jess Maybury


I am a missionary with YWAM Circuit Riders, currently pioneering CR Australia in Sydney with my wife Jess. I have been with CR since its beginning in 2011 and have helped empower people, especially students on universities, to know and love God, share the gospel, make disciples, and be involved with the advancement of the Kingdom both locally and globally.

While the US we accomplished this through university events, training schools, and stadium events, here in Sydney we are focusing on creating hubs with hungry leaders in each of the main cities in Australia, and then bringing training and equipping weekends/weeks to them and helping them start house churches to see the work multiply, all while discipling/empowering the leaders of each of these hubs via FaceTime.

Jesus has been so kind to us. He has connected us, gathered the hungry, and is sustaining each of these hubs. He has done it all and we are honored to get to do this with him.

Thank you for your continued love and support!

Chris & Jess

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