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Casey Martin

Casey Martin


Hello friends & family!

God is doing great things through Zion Dance Project in Dallas! Thank you for deciding to partner with me for this next year of pioneering ministry.

We have already seen dramatic transformation taking place in the residency students (including myself!). We spend our weekdays between Upperroom Dallas and the dance studio, participating in prayer sets, taking dance technique classes, activating in worship and prophetic movement, and learning choreography for performances.

The weekend performances are especially marking for our young group of movers, who get to witness atmospheres shift and miracles take place simply from offering our movement to be a vessel for God to be revealed.

I’ve been convinced, from my short time in Dallas, that there is no limit to the love that God wants to pour out on this generation–and there is no limit to the methods He will use to release it! I have seen dance and worship bring conviction, provide peace, offer joy and healing, and reveal the character and nature of Jesus!

We are in a season of listening and obeying the leadings of the Holy Spirit. What we know for sure is that the Lord is sending the hungry ones to Zion, the ones who want to dance for more than just fame, money, or pleasure.

So here’s how you can help: The first 5 months of 2023 are going to be vital for establishing my roots in Dallas. My efforts to continue establishing foundations of leadership development within the Residency and develop my own technical/artistic expression of the Gospel require there to be as much margin in my weekly schedule as possible. The most critical way for this to happen right now is through the sacrificial giving of people like you!

I am believing for a total of $4,500 in one-time gifts to cover the cost of my program tuition for the year, and an additional $500 in monthly support. I also need a full size mattress and a car. If you or someone you know in the Dallas area would like to provide either of these, please contact me directly!

My BIGGEST thank you to every one of you for playing such an integral role in encouraging and supporting me this past year! I am aware of your sacrifices of time, attention, and finances more than ever, and am expectant to see God multiply your love and generosity this year as I continue to learn at and serve Zion Dance Project!

Thank you in advance for your generous gifts. May you be blessed for your generosity beyond what you can think or imagine!

Casey Martin

PS: be sure to find me on Facebook and join Casey’s Community so you can stay up to date on all the exciting things God is doing out here in Dallas

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