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Charis Love

Charis Love


Hello! My name is Charis Love!

Born & raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, I always believed in God ever since I could remember—though I struggled to believe I could ever know Him deeply as a Father and friend. When I was 17 years old, this all changed. I encountered the love of God in a very personal way and fell in love with walking with Him. It was relationship with Jesus that compelled me to leave behind all that held me back from living a life of yielding to Him.

After personally experiencing radical transformation by the Power of the Gospel, there is something within me that cannot rest knowing there are still people in the world that have never heard of the Man Jesus. I believe the greatest injustice in the world is people living and dying without ever hearing about the One who can save them. God made a way for everyone to be rescued through the power of the Gospel, but how will they be saved if they’ve never heard?

I am partnered with a YWAM organization called Fire & Fragrance Ministries! We believe in missions being driven from a place of intimacy with God, and nothing else. We run 6 month discipleship training schools all year that lead young adults into deeper relationship with God, equipping them to carry the Gospel to the ends of the Earth!

We are centered on worship, intercession, and the Word of God. We believe that revival is happening in Gen Z, and that young people are being grafted into the story God is writing for Humanity. Our vision is to send out thousands of laid-down lovers of Jesus, whether its to the darkest university campuses in America or to the most unreached villages in the world. Matthew 9:37 says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”. There is an urgency for more laborers to carry the good news of love!

If reading this puts any excitement inside of you, please pray about joining my partnership team! I am not asking for you to give because you feel obligated or think I am doing a good thing. I only ask to partner if you believe in what God is doing in generation Z and in the nations, and have a genuine desire to be a part of it through my full-time work!

I can’t do this alone, and I am building a team with the simple intention to move forward God’s Kingdom in a time of urgency! I belong to God, and the work I do belongs to Him. Please pray that He would be glorified in everything my team and I do!


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