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Courtney Kindall

Courtney Kindall


Hi! I am Courtney Kindall!

I am 22, born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. I am the middle of 2 girls and my family is my everything!

Almost my entire life I have dreamed of being a missionary, so it was obvious my answer when I was asked to join and tour with the Circuit Riders’ program Brave Love as a full time missionary. Circuit Riders is a program that is designed to lead a generation into radical freedom in order for them to step into the places of influence they’ve been assigned to, in order be a catalyst in their generation! We want to see a generation be so in love with Jesus and be solutions to the world’s problems through being led by The Holy Spirit!

Specifically the program of Brave Love focuses in on women and their role and part in the body of Christ. The ministries primary bases of why they do what they do comes from the woman, Deborah, whose story can be found in Judges 4 and 5 in The Old Testament.

She was a women lead by compassion to see and step in to see the promises of God’s people fulfilled, although it did not look anything like what He had promised. This choice to step in took courage and her stepping out of apathy looking onto injustices, and shifted to a heart of compassion. There was a reason she was called a Mother to Israel!

My heart burns to see young women empowered to carry out their burning hearts, and to partner with the promises of God on their life! So Brave Love has quickly become my promise land and I am nothing but excited to see what God will do through my time with Brave Love.

Since I will be a full time missionary with Circuit Riders and Brave Love that means I will be strictly living off of my monthly supporters/ donations. I would love to partner with you in this journey because I believe you are not just giving to me finically when you partner with me through donations, but you’re sowing a seed to be planted among the earth! You are partnering with me and saying “we will see women empowered to do their God given destinies!!” So it would mean to world to partner with you through this!!!

Thank you so much for giving and bless you!!


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