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Chad & Kameren Dalton

Chad & Kameren Dalton


It has been our privilege to serve in Italy since 2016 along with our sons, Asa and Luke. While Italy is a beautiful country, the spiritual state paints a much different picture. It has been largely untouched by the Protestant Reformation, and today most catholic churches sit empty. Most older Italians see Catholicism as their heritage but few have ever heard the Gospel. The newer generations have little or no reference point for Jesus and His teachings. We believe, however, that God is touching and raising up a generation who will seek His face and proclaim His truth all throughout the country and He is awakening laborers to work in the Italian harvest!

Our mission is summed up in our motto; Rooted in Christ, Prepared in the Faith, Sent into the World. Our desire is to see lives transformed as people meet Jesus and give their whole hearts to follow Him. Our hope is to use our ministry, La Sorgente (The Source), to offer a wide range of resources and events to reach our community while providing an opportunity for those growing in their faith to serve and continue to reach the nations.

We host Bible studies, English conversation events, one-on-one discipleship, homeless outreaches, and other miscellaneous activities. Using these methods we desire to cultivate an atmosphere where lives are transformed, community grows deep, and the ultimate goal of passionate believers walking out of the greatest commandment: Loving God and Loving our Neighbor.

We are constantly amazed at how God uses the Body of Christ to work together to reach the nations - through the joining of generous financial partners and those of us on the ground. Would you consider partnering financially with us to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to Italy and beyond?

Chad, Kameren, Asa & Luke

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