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Charles Jenkins

Charles Jenkins


My name is Charlie Jenkins, I am a 19 year old follower of Jesus from Lynden Washington.

I’ve known of Jesus my whole life and had a very lukewarm relationship with Him through high school that led to me basically walking away from Him during my senior year (2022-23). But then I joined YWAM for a DTS (Discipleship Training School) and had my life flipped upside down by Jesus. I recommitted my life to Him in October 2023, and have been living on fire for Him ever since!

I have felt called to work with YWAM in the Himalayas. They have an amazing community out there called RTC (Respect The Corners) that works with training functional fitness coaches and sending them into the nations to be missionaries. They also have a focus on training people to reach the unreached (people with no Bible or knowledge of Jesus) and that is what I would be doing in the Himalayas, trekking Bibles to unreached villages and discipling local people!

My goal is to move out there around mid 2026 after doing RTC's coaching development class and a Bible school, both through YWAM!

To do this I will need a lot of partnership in prayer and finances. My short time with YWAM made me realize how important prayer is to success so I would ask for y'all to pray without ceasing for doors to open and finances to come in.

Finances are key as well, and while I will be working as much as possible to fund myself for the classes I do before going to the Himalayas, I will still need partnership from a community of friends.

Thank you.


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