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Caleb Jarrell

Caleb Jarrell


Hey everyone, my name is Caleb Jarrell and I have been with Youth With A Mission full-time since 2018 after I completed their Discipleship Training School in Belize back in 2017.

I chose Byron Bay, Australia to commit full-time where I met my wife from Canada and we led Discipleship Training Schools and went across the globe for the Gospel and Missions.

With YWAM Sheep River I will be studying the entirety of Scripture in-depth, cover-to-cover, and hoping to take this across the globe to teach others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be completing their School of Biblical Studies, learning and studying each book of the Bible extensively.

Thank you so much for your love and support, every donation will contribute to the advancement of the Kingdom.

Thanks for choosing me, it means so much. God bless you guys.


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