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Claire Jafri

Claire Jafri


Hi! My name is Claire Jafri, and I have the privilege of being a resident on staff with Radiant School of Ministry!

Located in the heart of Kalamazoo, Michigan, this school is uniquely crafted to train and send out pioneers with a heart for revival. RSM is specifically built around the presence of God, while practically equipping students to step into their God-given calling.

I am a testimony of a life deeply impacted by the mission of RSM, and it’s my honor to sow into this next generation of world changers being raised up in this school. As a Year 3 student resident, I’m excited to serve and minister in a multitude of areas. A few key ways include walking with, discipling, and building relationships with students over the course of the year. I have the joy of helping with the practical side of launching students into the nations for their expeditions, and seeing the larger vision of RSM come to life through administrative tasks. I’m also excited to pioneer alongside fellow leaders in seeing the dream of a deliverance/freedom ministry transpire.

I believe we are in a critical hour in history, and the world is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to be raised up and sent out. I am simply undone that the Lord has invited me to play a part in seeing this vision come to pass.

Would you consider partnering with me through prayer and financial support to see this next generation of leaders bring revival to the ends of the earth?

Thank you!

Claire Jafri

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