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Charis Joy Jackson

Charis Joy Jackson


I’ve been a full-time volunteer with YWAM for most of my life. Much of that time, serving specifically within film and acting ministries at YWAM centres around the world.

Three months out of the year I help run the School of Digital Filmmaking and the School of Acting for the Screen within the framework of the University of the Nations. During this time, I teach on several topics, provide mentorship, and guide the students on how to maintain their walk with the Lord in such a heavy and busy atmosphere.

In the last 12 years, I’ve helped pioneer, lead, and train students in these incredible courses on three different continents. And seen graduates go on to incredible careers of ministry within the film industry.

For the next few years, I’ll be helping to pioneer and establish these courses, and a film ministry, in London. The goal is to train Christians in film and acting and to share God’s love with those working in the film and theatre scenes here in the UK. It’s such a joy to see how our Creator loves to co-create with us. And an even bigger blessing to use this powerful medium to help influence our world, and bless those working within the film industry.

Your support allows me to continue this vital work and I’m grateful for your encouragement. Thank you for joining the adventure!


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