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Carla Foord

Carla Foord


Hi everyone

My name is Carla and I am 24 years old. I am currently in Potchefstroom and serving full time at Fire and Fragrance. I did my discipleship training school this year and the Lord marked my heart for missions. He called me to be a minister to His people and to partner with Him to set captives free from chains that have been holding them back from stepping into who and what God has made them to be. I said yes to His invitation and felt called to join a ministry called Woven.This specific ministry, which falls under mercy ministries, has three phases namely, Evangelism, Discipling, and Training/Equipping (in order to get them off the street).

In this ministry, our team is dedicated to help women break free from the cycle of prostitution, and provide them with the support they need to rebuild their lives. We’re currently working with four women, who we have assisted to get off of the streets.

This ministry was pioneered last year and we are still in the beginning stages of developing a product line. The women were taught how to sew scrunchies and it has been incredible to witness how they have grown in their sewing skills as well as in their identity as daughters of God. All of the products we sell are handmade by them, with the goal of providing a way to earn a dignified income.

This ministry also goes out every week to the same corner in town where women usually go to work at night. We share the gospel with them and the love of Christ. We have developed sweet friendships with the women and have seen many of them accepting Jesus in their hearts. During the week we have bible studies with the women in prostitution as well as a men’s bible study. We spend time in the Word and build relationship with them. Our goal with the weekly bible study is to create a space where they can encounter the love of God and be transformed in their hearts and minds to get a better understanding of who God is and who He has created them to be. We also give out bibles to those who are in need.

Although this has been a hard decision to make, I really feel like this is where God is leading me. It is such an honor to say yes because I know that He is a good shepherd and He leads me to green pastures.

Will you be willing to partner with me financially in this season to see His justice and mercy prevail in these women and men's lives? While financial support is needed, so is prayer.

I am grateful for you and hope you will consider supporting me one way or another!


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