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Cody Fields

Cody Fields


Hello everyone!

My name is Cody Fields, and I am a Full-time Missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Switzerland. I am not stationed only in Switzerland, as God has called me for Frontier missions, so I will be moving around a bit.

My journey following Christ started after the death of my father. I didn't follow Jesus until a Year after my fathers death, because of how lost I was. Jesus found me as I was trying to rebuild my life, which was across the country from where I grew up. When all I wanted to do was give up on life,I had entered into a depression, which was when God showed up. Jesus showed me His Love for me through a church of passionate Christians who wanted to make God known. And through this Love, I burned with desire to make God known as well. I was called by God to give up my job and to pick up the torch to be a missionary at the age of 25. This is when God led me to YWAM, where I did my DTS. Thus the journey of Knowing God and Making Him known began.

I have been to South Africa, Uganda, and now Switzerland.

I am in the School of Biblical studies department as a Student here at YWAM Lausanne, where I am learning how to study the Bible with the inductive method. I am also learning how to teach the Bible to use this in the mission field wherever God needs it.

My next calling has been to Lebanon to take on Frontier Missions with a Group of YWAM'ers as they pioneer a base in Beirut.

My current needs monthly are 2,000 Swiss Francs

• Travel expenses(trains, buses, plane, car/relocation for frontier missions)

• Essentials(Toiletries, food, clothes)

• Housing(Rent)

• Giving(Tithes, Offering, generosity)

• Health Care(Swiss Law to have health insurance)

If God is leading you to partnering with me in this journey as a Monthly, one time, or yearly, you can give that here!

"In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the Gospel should get their living by the Gospel" 1 Corinthians 9:14

Your Partnership means a lot to me! Every contribution is used for the Kingdom of God, along with all of your prayers which support me!

Thank you for your Partnership, let us together go make God known in all the Nations!

If you have any personal questions, or want to join my prayer team email me here:

God bless you all

Isaiah 43:1


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