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Cierra Ferrill

Cierra Ferrill


Hello :) My name is Cierra!

At the age 17 I was radically met by the Holy Spirit and felt a call to ministry. I wasn't sure what it would look like so I started applying to christian colleges and scrolling through all of the YWAM Discipleship Training Schools. One day I was at a small group and told me that she kept seeing the Circuit Riders (YWAM) logo. Instantly I knew God was confirming CR was were I was supposed to go after high school. While at CR, I learned practical skills like how to share the gospel and how to prepare a sermon, but the biggest takeaway was an infectious desire to see a revival in my generation that would fulfill the Great Commission!

Unfortunately, like everything in March of 2020, my tour with the Circuit Riders was cut short. But God wasn't done. Out of the pandemic, a ministry school was arising to train and send pioneers for revival. I thought to myself, "Well, the world is shut down so I might as well do this." It wasn't long before I realized this was actually God's best, not the last resort! Radiant School of Ministry (RSM) has taken me on a journey of healing, growing in deeper intimacy with Jesus, and learning practical ministry skills. Learning about revival history and unreached people groups only poured gasoline on the fire inside me... I just couldn't figure out what my specific role to play was.

I knew what I wanted to see revival in my generation that finishes the great commission. But how was that going to happen? Was I supposed to go to unreached people groups myself? Possibly! Was I supposed to travel to different colleges to evangelize to my generation? That's a good idea. But the more I thought and prayed, the more I felt the significance of where I was planted-West Michigan; more specifically, Kalamazoo.

Fast forward now, I'm a year two student in the campus revival track helping to start Radiant Young Adults. Its the first night we are hosting discipleship after the prayer meeting and the pastor starts to share vision. He says "Tonight we are here in the upper room seeking God..". Suddenly I remembered that in the same small group in I felt confirmation to go to CR, I also had a verse pop in my head: Acts 1:4 "And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father.." This is what the Lord had been preparing me for.

God has a beautiful way of writing our stories. I know that my time with the Circuit Riders and Radiant School of Ministry has been preparing me for this next season. A season of serving Radiant Church, evangelizing Western Michigan University, and activating my generation to be used by God. But the thing is, I need help. I can't do this alone. If you've read this far you must love a good story or interested in seeing the gospel go forth!

Now I have a question for you... will you consider joining me in this amazing adventure?

I'm looking for fellow brothers sisters who will commit to lifting me up in prayer and/or giving a monthly donation. I want to thank you for your prayerful consideration. May God bless you abundantly. Now let's see some people come to Jesus!! <3


You may also give by check, if you like. Please make checks payable to "EquipNet" and make sure you include my account Equip3773 in the Memo Section on the face of your check.

Please mail to: EquipNet, P.O. Box 860 Alamo, CA 94507

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