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Carlos & Elizabete Castro

Carlos & Elizabete Castro


Carlos and Elizabete work with YWAM and have served as missionaries for almost 30 years, they have two children aged 21 and 16.

They served in Brazil for about 10 years and then went to Asia where they spent 12 years, 10 in a country closed to the Gospel and 2 in Cambodia. In the first country, they worked with mobile seminaries in villages and served women from the streets, slums, and villages in a ministerial house that they opened. In Cambodia, Carlos worked teaching English at the mission and Elizabete served in villages.

We are now serving in Portugal, trying to reach immigrants, especially from the country we worked in Asia and for this, we want to open a ministry house similar to the one we opened in Asia.

We need your prayers and also your contribution to reach this goal. Thank You

Carlos and Elizabete

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