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Carley Duff

Carley Duff


Hi Friends! My name is Carley Duff and as most of you know, I am a 2024 graduate from Sumner High School this year. Earlier this year the Lord had placed a desire in my heart to see my generation encountered and met by the love of Jesus through the Organization of Circuit Riders.


Circuit Riders is a collaborative non-profit missions organization, empowered by Youth With A Mission (YWAM). The heart of Circuit Riders is to see the lost reached, my generation saved and set free, and inspire them to love as Jesus did. This school is about a six-month program, that is split into two, three-month sections. The first portion is a lecture phase, where I will be poured into by teachers/mentors/leaders and get trained in evangelism and ministry. The last three months of the school is the outreach portion where I will be participating in the Carry The Love movement track. This means I will be sent as a missionary to universities and high schools across the United States and partner with local churches to gather our generation, sharing the Gospel as our first priority.


With all this being said, my first and uttermost ask is for you to join me in prayer for this next journey in my life! I sincerely ask this as I prepare for this time ahead of me as well as I deeply appreciate and cherish your prayers for guidance and wisdom.


Additionally, I am also in need of quite a bit of financial support. I am needing to raise $13,000 to participate in this opportunity to be able to afford things such as tuition, living expenses, travel costs, and even basic necessities. If you find it within your means to give, and if you feel moved, please prayerfully consider donating! Any donation, regardless of the size or if it’s a one-time contribution or monthly commitment is greatly treasured. Anything truly does help.


Here’s the breakdown of the specific funding:


• By August 1: $700 — this is an initial deposit.

• By September 1: $3,500 — my housing and tuition costs.

• By September 1: $2,000 — this is the outreach fee.

• Monthly costs: additional fees— this covers all the food, groceries, flights, gas, etc… that i will need while I am on tour! :)


Thank you all for your support and for considering partnering with me during this time! I know the Lord will use every penny to reach the hearts of his children + I can’t wait to see how the Lord moves throughout gen-z!!!


Blessings, Carley Duff

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