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Camryn Colter

Camryn Colter


Hi friends ◡̈ If we haven't met, my name is Camryn!

This fall I will be boldly stepping into a season of FULL-TIME MINISTRY!!! I am so excited to relocate to Huntington Beach, CA where I will be serving with the Circuit Riders as a CRX student!

The Circuit Riders are a fiery group of young adults championing one another in our gifts and raising up the next generation of powerful evangelists! The first half of my CRX journey will be spent in Huntington Beach where I will spend time learning from strong leaders, getting evangelism practical training, and assisting in the organization of our tour. Tour is the second part of the CRX experience and will consist of 8 weeks of on-the-road evangelism. I will be assigned to a team and region, and we will be traveling to university campuses bringing the gospel and evangelism training to students!


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