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Carly Carter

Carly Carter


Hi everyone!! It's Carly!!

I am joining Circuit Riders, a branch of Youth With A Mission, where I will be training to be a full time missionary and spending some time overseas.

I will spend the first three months living in Huntington Beach for our lecture phase. This phase will contain daily training sessions, theology classes, corporate prayer and worship, weekly outreaches, small group discipleship, and hands-on skill set training that will equip me to reach my generation with the gospel. Following the lecture phase we will spend 2 months in a different nation on international outreach. This outreach is called Carry The Love, which is focussed on spreading the gospel and showing God’s love to this generation of high school and university students, along with equipping others to do the same. On this outreach we will hold evangelistic events, do one on one evangelism, hold evangelism training, lead small groups, and serve local communities. I am so excited to grow in boldness as the gospel is preached to many throughout the nations, and I am excited to see where the Lord takes me in my missions journey.

In order to do all of this though... I need your help!! Circuit Riders is a support raising ministry, meaning that my finances are in the hands of the Lord and the people He calls to sow into this mission. I am trusting that He will be able to use you to provide, and I pray you will consider becoming a one time donor or a monthly giver.

Thank you and please reach out if you have any questions!!


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