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Connor Bucy

Connor Bucy


My name is Connor Bucy, I’m a 19 year old missionary with the EveryHeart Movement and Met By Love Worship!

I’m honored to serve with the Everyheart Movement to see every heart met by the love of Jesus. EveryHeart Movement has now joined with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

My main role with the EveryHeart Movement is as a full time musician which looks like hosting the presence of God in our weekly prayer sets and Sunday night gatherings, MBL Campuses on Monday nights, Unity Gatherings, and more! 

The Bible talks about partnerships in many ways, and one of those ways is with financial partnership. So! I’m asking you to pray about partnership with me financially! Whether that be giving monthly or giving one-time.

A good example of partnership in the Bible is Paul! Paul understood that the Philippians didn’t just give financially when they supported him in his mission - they actually partnered with him. That partnership means that Paul and the Philippians actually worked together to achieve what the Lord was calling Paul to do. In partnership, both parties sacrifice something: Paul sacrificed his time, dignity, and giftings and the Philippians gave their money. However, both parties also reap the reward of their sacrifice as well: souls being saved, the kingdom of God expanding, and Jesus receiving glory and honor.

If you feel the Lord compelling you to partner with me financially, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance for partnering with me to see God’s Kingdom come on earth!



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