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Charlise Brossard

Charlise Brossard


Hi y'all, my name is Charlise!


I grew up in a Christian home my whole life, but it wasn't until I was in middle school that I had a desire to pursue the Lord on my own, and no longer rely on my parent's faith. I immediately fell into a mindset of thinking that I needed to complete a sort of "to do list", so that the Lord would love me, but I was very wrong. It wasn't until the Lord met me at a very low point in life, when I was struggling with sexual sin and self-hatred, that I realized that God desired a personal relationship with me and loved me more than I ever could imagine. Since then, the Lord has helped me walk in my journey of restoration, healing, freedom and purity.


I have grown so much in my intimacy with Him and in my love for others, and now I am on a journey to becoming a long-term missionary. I have a heart to see others experience the transforming and unlimited love of God, like I did.


I recently finished doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM, in Kona Hawaii, where I spent three months learning more about the Lord and how to share the gospel with others, after which I spent three months on an outreach in the Philippines. When I was in the Philippines, I was able to experience the Lord's heart in a way that I never had before. I was able to feel His overwhelming love for the Philippines and how much God truly cares about each and every Filipino, and desires to meet every single one of them in such a personal and loving way.


Now, I am continuing my journey with YWAM, and I will be going back to Kona Hawaii to attend a Leadership Training School as preparation to staff there for 2 years. As I pursue God and all that He calls me to do I need a bit of support in a few areas.


So here are some ways that you can help!


• Prayer - Prayer is such an impactful and necessary thing! If you could be praying for me, as I go on this journey of being a missionary and discipling students from all over the world, I would really appreciate it!


• Donating - There are several ways that you are able to support me financially. You can select a donation number below (as either a one time or scheduled donation), or you could send a check. To send a check please make it payable to "EquipNet" and make sure you include my Equipnet account number - Equip4761 - in the Memo Section on the face of your check. Please mail it to: EquipNet, P.O. Box 860 Alamo, CA 94507.


I need to raise $1,500 to $2,000 a month to support me attending Leadership Training and staffing with YWAM. This will go to housing, meals, transportation, tithes, and personal spending for toiletries, medicine, etc.


Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in any way as I did DTS and now as I continue this journey! I appreciate each and every one of you so much! It is only through God's grace and love that I am able to do any of this! I am so excited to see all that the Lord continues to do in me, and in others, and I am so grateful to have y'all come along with me on this journey!


~Charlise <3

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