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Chilton Bondurant

Chilton Bondurant


My name is Chilton, and I am preparing to do a DTS for Circuit Riders. The purpose of a Circuit Rider is to activate a generation into salvation, awakening, and multiplication.

I will be part of a collaborative non-profit missions organization called Circuit Riders empowered by Youth With A Mission. The heart of the Circuit Riders is to save the lost, revive the saved and train them all. We want to inspire a generation to love like Jesus!

Before my decision to join the Circuit Riders, I went on a missions trip to Reynosa, Mexico almost every year. Each year I went, something stirred inside me, telling me I could do more. I could do more especially for the youth of America.

 If you believe in our youth and the future of the next generation AND their need to hear and live the gospel out, please consider helping me financially. If your budget does not allow you to financially support me, then do not feel obligated or bad. Your prayers are more important than any amount of money!

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