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Bennett Wolff

Bennett Wolff



My name is Bennett, and I'm preparing to be launched into full time missions come January 2024! I will be moving to Nashville, TN to pioneer a brand new YWAM base. YWAM is a global movement of people dedicated to serving Jesus. The main focus is to know God and make Him known throughout the whole world.

It's so wild to see the faithfulness of the Father because a year ago I was visiting Nashville and really felt I would move there one day. Then, this past January I was in Kona, Hawaii doing a three month discipleship school and then was sent to Norway for 3 months to do ministry. While I was there, I heard there was a team who was moving to TN to start this new base. Instantly, my heart was gripped for it. God began downloading a greater love and compassion for the next generation. As a team, we have noticed a gap in engaging high school and college aged students in global missions, and we have a strong desire to fill this void.

YWAM initiated "Mission Adventures" early on, which became the premier outreach expression for high school students, with a peak of 15,000 students participating annually.

This will be a key component of the ministry to which we feel called in the region. Alongside this, we will implement YWAM's flagship training program, called DTS. This is where students will come and be trained in Nashville for 3 months, and then sent out to a nation for 3 months. We will also be hosting a second-level Bible school that will help develop staff and serve everyday believers in the city while supporting existing ministries.

I'd like to leave you with a few statistics that have been significant motivators for us as we contemplate this move for our family:

70% of Gen Z feels morally obligated to change the world.

53% of young Christians see themselves as potential missionaries.

Only 4% of Gen Z has a biblical worldview.

Considering these three statistics and what we have observed among the young people we work with, I firmly believe that this generation is poised to fulfill the Great Commission. They possess the willpower and drive to make a difference; all they need is a biblical framework and the tools to change the world.

My heart truly burns for GenZ, mobilizing missions to the unreached, and (for myself) impacting women with the gospel. I have so much confidence that I am being preparing to run in the lane that God has called me to for such a time as this. I truly believe the harvest is ripe in America! I am filled with faith for this journey God is leading me on! From Nashville to the Nations 🌍🤍


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