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Beth Ward

Beth Ward


Hey, I’m Beth! I’m a 27 year old Brit, living in Sydney, currently about to embark on a wild journey as a missionary with Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, CA.

The purpose of this Equipnet page is to raise the funds needed to support me as I take to the streets and universities of America with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus. The people of America are hurting, and I’m just a funky girl from Essex, saying YES to God, trying to bring His hope, light and healing power to people who need it! I’m moving in obedience and more importantly in faith that He is doing something big throughout America, and the fact I get to partner with Him in making His name known across the world is insane!

My vision for this time is that I’ll partner with the Holy Spirit in His work as the Paraclete, coming alongside His people to comfort & encourage them. I will be set on fire in a way I’ve never felt before, stepping in faith with boldness and believing for miracles! I will grow in my prophetic worship and be unlocked in my gift of communication, so that one day I will use these skills to help others grow their ministries.

So would you partner with me in making Jesus’ name famous throughout America? Any funds raised here will be financing my tuition & outreach fees, any flights needed, rent and food.

Love you guys!

Thank you in advance!


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