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Bianca Taylor

Bianca Taylor



I am Bianca Taylor, a full-time missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, California!

I am on the media team of a collaborative non-profit missions organization called Circuit Riders empowered by Youth With A Mission. The heart of the Circuit Riders is to save the lost, revive the saved and train them all. We want to inspire a generation to love like Jesus!

I am currently working as an intern with the Circuit Riders Media Team creating Holy Spirit led content that supports and promotes the missionaries that get sent out from Huntington Beach to all over the world.

My heart burns for Gen Z to be free from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and I firmly believe that Social Media is the best place to reach them. I work full-time in the media office creating Holy Spirit led content Media is such an important part of any missions movement because it lets people know where to meet, what’s going on, and the possibilities are absolutely endless with who can be reached by it. I am so grateful to be apart of a team that uses their God given gifts to serve the Lord and I have already learned so much creatively from being here.

Here’s where I need you! I moved to CA from NYC in Sept. of 2021 and am raising support/prayer covering for me to transition from working full-time in our offices here in Huntington Beach to instead on the road spreading the gospel as of January of 2022. I will be traveling on tour with the Circuit Riders to see the lost saved, healed and trained up for them to do the same in every sphere of influence. I hope you will join me on this journey in any way that you can. Whether through prayer or through finances I am so grateful!

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