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Brantley Taliaferro

Brantley Taliaferro


Hey guys, my name is Brantley Taliaferro.

I’m just a 21 year old dude who loves Jesus and desires for the world to encounter His love and power. My hometown is Edmond, OK but when I encountered Jesus, he moved me to Tampa, FL. I have been here since August of 2022. He has been putting on a show ever since! 

On October 1st, 2023, I will be joining The Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, CA. Jesus led me to join them both in 2019 and 2021, however I was living for myself and pursuing the things of this world. A few months ago, He invited me to join them again and I was ready to say yes. 

The Circuit Riders is a 5-7 month discipleship and missions program. The program consists of three tracks: messenger, media, and music. I will be following the messenger track, learning practical leadership and speaking skills to help me present the Gospel to the world. After the 2-3 month training period, we are divided into groups and sent around the world to host Gospel Events at various high schools and universities. The Holy Spirit always shows up powerfully, making His presence known, and leads students to Him. Our outreach period will also last 2-3 months. 

In order to achieve the calling of Jesus on my life, I need financial support. I am not worried one bit about raising funds because God is behind this decision and His provision is much greater than the systems of man. However, I do believe he honors our financial system and desires to use you to be apart of it! Any amount of financial contribution will be appreciated and prove to be colossally impactful seed sown into the Kingdom of God. They are also tax deductible, and who likes donating to the government anyways? Either way, Jesus will provide for me.

If you feel led to be used by Him to do it, then this is the right place! Thank you all from myself and the Lord in advance.


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