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Brian McGregor

Brian McGregor


Hello! I am Brian McGregor, a missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Oita, Japan.

Oita YWAM is a pioneering base, planting a new ministry hub in a city that was one of the strongholds of Christianity prior to Tokugawa making it illegal to be a Christian. As a pioneer base we are building relationships with churches and the community and seeking how God is preparing doors to help reach the Japanese with the Gospel.

As a new missionary my first year will involve plenty of language learning, but I plan on engaging with the community through English programs, drama evangelism, and equipping the local believers in developing ways to share their faith. During my MDiv studies I developed a redemptive analogy for the Japanese, found in my book Shinto: the Gospel's Gate. I am excited for the opportunity to put that research into action in Japan and develop ways to share the Gospel through the Scapegoat Analogy and learn how to equip Christians to use the same method.

YWAM is a non-profit ministry and does not pay a salary, instead I will be relying on the faithful generosity and support of fellow believers, friends, and family -- people like you! I would be honored if you would prayerfully consider joining me in reaching out to the Japanese with the hope of the Gospel.

If you would like to join me in God’s reach to the Japanese, you can do so by clicking on the

donate button, or mail a check to:


PO BOX 860 

ALAMO CA 94507

Make sure checks are made payable to EquipNet (not me) and my profile code Equip4193

appears on the memo line.

Thank you!


Brian McGregor

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