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Bretha Lumantas

Bretha Lumantas


Children are the church’s greatest asset. They are objects of and agents for world transformation. We must engage with children both inside and outside the walls of the church, especially those who live in poverty, oppression, abuse, and exploitation. Children are prominent throughout Scripture, a part of God’s redeeming plan.

I have always had a soft spot for children and knew that my calling was to minister to the young ones. Children are the church’s most valuable resources. I want to minister to them as young as they are for them to grow knowing that there is a God that loves then and would never leave them.

Through our weekly feeding programs we are able to reach out to children in poor places in Daptan City and able to minister to them while sharing a sumptuous meal with them.

As we are located in a slump area here in Dapitan City, aside from having a feeding program twice a week, our doors are always open for hungry children in our area and every Sunday they would fellowship with us in our Sunday church service.

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