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Benjamin Kanan

Benjamin Kanan



I work with Trailblazers within YWAM, a ministry dedicated to bringing the gospel to the unreached. I did my DTS in 2014 and outreach was to Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. While in Laos, God broke my heart for this nation and after DTS my outreach leader and I moved there to work as English teachers.

During this time God grew my faith and taught me so much about what it means to walk in boldness. Then I lived in Nepal hiking the Himalayas doing Bible distribution. Following that I moved to Thailand and did prison, slum and homeless ministry before heading to Kona, HI to staff a DTS with Trailblazers.

For outreach I lead a team to Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. I learned so much about the logistics of bringing 10 people through 7 cities in SE Asia, and I developed a passion for training youth in missions.

I do also want to say that I spent seasons at home in between these different adventures. I have finished a leadership training course with Trailblazers, and was originally planning on staffing again but God had other plans.

Now I am doing YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies with the hopes of getting prepared to move into frontier missions long term, with Laos as a primary target nation.


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