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Brett Edmiston

Brett Edmiston


Hi! I am Brett Edmiston a full time missionary in Los Angeles, California!

I am a part of a collaborative non-profit missions organization called House Church LA. The heart of our team is to introduce Los Angeles to the real Jesus that actually desires to be their best friend. We host and disciple people in our own home!

I have been saved for about 3 years now but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I had an honest conversation with the Lord. I realized I was only living 70% for Him and actually want to live a life of no compromise.

That’s when He started to show me I’m called to this House Church community. Fast forward to now - we are seeing revival in L.A. like I’ve never seen before. People getting free from addiction, mental illness, and giving their lives fully to Jesus! This is mostly in our living room! I am committed to this community for at least 2 more years. We truly believe through the power of Jesus we can see the entire entertainment industry hear about the Lord from our ministry.

I'm looking to raise 1000 dollars in monthly support. These funds will be used to pay rent, buy food, pay for transportation, and pay for ministry costs. Any dollar given helps! If not, one-time donations, big or small, are also extremely helpful.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me in prayer and financially to see Los Angeles saved?


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