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Brooke Dennis

Brooke Dennis


Hi!! I am Brooke Dennis, soon to be a 6-month missionary with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Circuit Riders, in Huntington Beach, California.


It's always been a desire of mine to adventure with Jesus by taking a gap year before college and California was the place I felt Him leading me to. With Circuit Riders, I will spend the first three months in California participating in the Discipleship Training School to learn more about the Bible and deepen my love for God. The final three months will be outreach where we will be split into groups to go to different college campuses in America or Europe where we will spread the gospel and host worship gatherings on those campuses.


The moment my eyes were opened to the beautiful reality of the gospel everything changed. My heart was stirred for worship, not because I thought I had a good voice but because I knew I had a good God who was worthy of my worship. Jesus began to break my heart for the lost as He deepened my love for Himself. Because the more you begin to love Jesus, the more you begin to love His people.


When I heard about Circuit Riders, I couldn't help but surrender my own post-graduation plans of going to college because I knew I would see lives around me and my own transformed forever because of my simple "yes."


Would you prayerfully consider financially partnering with me in seeing a generation saved?



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