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Bella Del Pozo

Bella Del Pozo



My name is Bella and I’m originally from Washington State, but I have given my life to live wherever God has called me. 

At a young age God invited me into missions and I never knew saying yes would bring so much abundance into my life!

God continues to provide as I navigate the next steps in bringing Him glory in all that I do!

I’m currently serving with Circuit Riders out of Huntington Beach, California. Here I have a role in Media: content creating, learning graphic design, photography and more! 

Running with Circuit Riders is a dream, and I really believe in the vision they carry. 

I am looking to raise about $1000 in monthly support to provide for my living expenses as I am serving in an unpaid role! If you would like to become a monthly supporter I would love to connect with you.

Thank you so much for reading through my story, I long to see that by the end of my life, I was known for my obedience and devotion to Jesus and the love I gave though my life laid down for Him. 


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