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Bella Del Pozo

Hi I’m Bella!

I’m currently a missionary enrolled in a DTS with YWAM! DTS is a Discipleship Training School and I’m a part of Fire and Fragrance in South Africa. Here we are passionate about knowing God and making him known!!

Being apart of this community is the greatest blessing and I am so grateful to be apart of this family! I will be leaving soon to travel to Brazil and serve all around the country there!

There is a great move of God happening across the earth and specifically the continent of Africa. Africa is the youngest continent by statistics with an average age of 18 years old! I believe He is about to do a great work in Africa and all of its 54 countries. In the capacity He has for me, I want to serve Him however He needs.

Right now, God has me in this missions school traveling across the globe for his global glory! I’m learning more everyday and growing deeper in friendship with Jesus. Some of the current specifics he has me in are leading worship in prayer sets, serving His people in evangelism and ultimately saying yes to serve in whatever capacity He desires!

Partnering with me in finances would be providing for my everyday life, my necessities, transportation and the cost of living. Giving will provide for flights, accommodations and all that I need to go out for The Great Commission and lay down my life before Jesus. I’m looking to have monthly supports or even one time donations as well!!

The Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few and I believe He is raising up a generation to serve Him wholeheartedly in all they have.

May Jesus be glorified by my life and be loved by my sacrifice!


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