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Bryce Crawford

Bryce Crawford



My name is Bryce Crawford and I am a full-time missionary in Los Angeles, California. After graduating High School recently, the main question a young person asks is “what do I do?” After prayer and seeking Jesus, the Lord called me out to do full time ministry in Los Angeles. To some this seems like a scary task, but knowing the history of Los Angeles and Christian revival, it is an honor to be chosen by the Lord for a mission such as this.

Almost every time we ask someone about Jesus in Los Angeles, they give us a story about how they had moved to LA, they got into something they shouldn’t have, then three years of their life went down the drain and they don’t know what to do. The people of Los Angeles are hungry for Jesus. Whenever humanity suffers, they become desperate for truth and something that is real. Los Angeles gets a bad reputation for being “fake” with ”fake people”, yet everyone you talk to is just lonely and they want something real.

When moving to LA, I joined some of my friends to help steward a House Church we host every Sunday night. Along with House Church, I have helped to start and pioneer a Wednesday night gathering during the week for people who are hungry for more.

I plan on doing missions and ministry for the rest of my life unless God calls me to something else. Out of faith we have been praying for the Lord to bring people from around the world to partner with us and invest in the move of God we are seeing in Los Angeles.

It is by your obedience to the Lord that I am able to continue to faithfully serve the Lord daily in missions and ministry. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (Luke 10), and the Lord has chosen our crew for a time such as this to see the harvest ripen.

Pray about partnering with me as a monthly supporter of what the Lord is doing through me for Los Angeles. If not, pray about a one time donation, whether it’s big or small, your obedience to the Lord on what to give is what means the most. If not financially, just pray for us. Pray for my crew, myself, the city of Los Angeles, and for a nation to be shifted by a move of God.

Donations through Equipnet are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Thank you guys for praying and considering to partner with me. I can’t wait to update you on all the crazy ways the Lord has moved due to your faithfulness to the Lord and believing in the mission He has laid on my heart.


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