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Brian Cormier

Brian Cormier


Hello, my name is Brian Cormier, and I am a worship leader, songwriter, and musician studying with YWAM Boston.

I found God my freshman year at Berklee and was never the same. After graduating, I quickly learned that I could hear the voice of God when I sang and that became the beginning of my songwriting.

At YWAM Boston, I will be studying serving God and using my talents in the arts, which for me means music. I hope to grow firm and learn more about my faith and surrendering everything to God. For outreach, I will be touring the United states and presenting the Gospel through an experience called Encounter.

As a missionary, I am full of faith that God has called me to greater things than to just go on living. I have been ruined for ordinary life and am ready to live full of faith and Surrender for Jesus just because He is worthy. This means I will not be being paid for my work.

That is where you come in. I am in need of a community around me to pray for me as I live out this Faith Journey. I am also asking that you prayerfully consider joining my team of financial supporters to help keep this mission alive. The finances would go to all school fees, housing and food (during lecture and on tour), tithing, donations, and car payments and insurance.

I pray that God meets you and gives you peace throughout your walk with him. please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any prayer needs or want to know more about my faith. Bless you for taking this time to read this bio.


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