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Brenna Coley

Brenna Coley



I am Brenna Coley and I am currently a part of a church called Upper Room Dallas. The main focus is to minister to the heart of God through prayer and worship.

What I am doing at Upper Room Dallas:

Upper Room has prayer room hours throughout the week Monday – Fridays 6am-8pm.

Prayer and Intercession:

I am in the prayer room full-time Monday-Thursday 6am-2pm.

We are doing Corporate Intercession: Praying for cities, America and nations. Some topics include praying for the lost to be saved, locally in the Dallas area and in the nations, praying for the church (Bride of Christ) and (Israel).

My personal schedule includes prayer for nations, individuals/ families, ministering to the heart of God, through worship and reading/studying the Bible.

Local Missional Outreach:

Evangelism in the city/ streets/ stores or college campuses

Upper Room Missions Statement:

We are a community committed to ministering to the heart of God through prayer and worship because we believe that the Presence of God transforms lives. We gather together Morning, Noon, and Night to give God our thanksgiving and praise, to worship Him by agreeing with who He is and intercede by agreeing with what He desires to do in our lives, city, and the earth.


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