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Brandon Chagnon

Brandon Chagnon


When I was in High School, I experienced so much rejection, fear of never fitting in, always feeling like I needed to meet a standard of what a “normal” and “cool” kid looked like. I wasted so much time trying to look and talk the right way and ended up still being rejected and treated as background noise most of the time.

The thing is, there are millions of other students feeling the same way. They feel lost, broken, and unheard, and without a purpose. I believe that Jesus is the only one who can give us our purpose of why we are here on this Earth, and what we are supposed to do.

Once I realized this in my own life, I joined the leadership team at my youth group. I began to help reach as many students as we can with the message of JESUS and help them live in relationship with him daily and how to share this same message with others in their family and friend groups at school. It’s an insane JOY to be able to share with these students that there is someone who LOVES them no matter where they are, who they are, or what they’ve done. That EVERYONE is qualified for the Love that Jesus offers, and you don’t have to meet a standard because of what Jesus did for them on the Cross!

I joined the Carry The Love tour in 2019, going to high school campuses and got to meet so many students, see them become free from all of the lies that they believe about themselves, and empower them to Love those around them with the same message we are bringing to them!!! I have been with Circuit Riders ever since, went through their Discipleship Training School, and will be joining staff this Fall!

Circuit Riders is a missional community based in Huntington Beach, California. Through several trainings, camps, and projects, we aim to empower every leader and believer to inspire this Generation to Love like Jesus! I will be helping the high school team reach students locally while helping get ready for this year’s tour and infusion summer camps!

We have training all throughout the year, and in January we embark on the Carry The Love national tour where we go to High School and College campuses sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

If you want to learn more you can visit these sites:

If you have any questions feel free to email me at:

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