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Benjamin Caldwell

Benjamin Caldwell


JESUS: He gave me hope where it was completely lost and purpose where there was none. This is what a real encounter with a real Jesus does. When I found the Jesus that had been relentlessly pursuing me I was in the worst of predicaments. Rebellion, sin and chaos were the rulers of my life and I thought there was no way out. I encounter people on the street and see the hopelessness in their eyes, hear the despair that fills their voice and it breaks me because I once knew it well. All I can think is, “if He can save me, He can save them.”

I recently worked with a ministry called Teen Challenge that afforded me the opportunity to travel to dozens of churches and share our story of Hope. Looking back on these experiences it became very apparent that the seats in the churches were filled with little to no young people. Fewer and fewer young people are making their way into the doors of the church, which is why we are going to them.

Circuit Riders are dedicated to taking the message of Jesus to college campuses that are filled with promises of fulfillment through everything except Jesus. “God” has become a stigma of religious “yeses and no’s,” placed in a political conservative box, thrown to the side and labeled “not relevant.” Young people are hungry for something real and pure, so we carry the love of Jesus to them right where they are as a group of people who have been raptured by grace and transformed by the looking into the eyes of a savior. His name is Jesus.

Circuit Riders & The One Love Initiative:

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