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Bryce Bryant

Bryce Bryant


My Name is Bryce Bryant, and I am currently a missionary with an organization called “Circuit Riders” in Huntington Beach, California. Circuit Riders is a grassroots movement that focuses on recruiting, training, and sending young leaders to go and preach the gospel on high school and college campuses and at other public gatherings, to write songs and lead worship, and to become trainers in training schools who equip their peers to go and do the same!

For the past year, I’ve had the honor of being on staff with Circuit Riders and seeing young people encounter Jesus in so many new and fresh ways! Being with Circuit Riders has opened my eyes to the need that people NEED Jesus more than ever before!

My heart is to see African American Men and women, Young and Old, no longer living in compromise but living a life fully surrendered to Jesus! The Need to see more African Americans involved with the Kingdom of God is Huge! I believe God wants to take African Americans from the Hardest to the Harvest! My heart is that every African American in the inner city and beyond will hear the Gospel and will be activated to be what God has called them to be!

This Year the Lord has used me significantly in the Black/Minority Community to bring the Hope, Love, and Power of Jesus Christ to every Community! I’ve seen countless Young Black Men and Woman Receiving Salvation, Healing, Freedom, and Love of Jesus Christ. Jesus has been pouring out his spirit like never before on the Black Community…And this is just the start!

I want to invite you to have a front-row seat and Invest in what God is doing through me and in the Minority Community! Your Investment allows me to go further into what I believe God has called me to do in this season! Please continue to pray for me as I continue my journey with Circuit Riders!!

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