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Nic & Alyssa LaLonde

Nic & Alyssa LaLonde


Hey, it’s Alyssa!! After completing my degree in musical theatre at Western Michigan University and completing the second year of the Radiant School of Ministry (RSM), I am ready to take the first leap into full time ministry, something I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. 

I grew up going to church but amidst a broken family and home life, church quickly became my happy place. I loved getting to use my gifts and talents to worship God, through singing, acting, art, communication, dance, and anything really. When I was in college, I tried living without Him but felt more alone than ever. I encountered God’s peace and His presence in 2018, rededicated my life to Him, and haven’t looked back since. 

I am joining the staff of RSM full time to give Jesus the worship He deserves. RSM’s mission is to train and send pioneers with a heart for revival. Our focus is not just to train, but to launch students into their calling upon graduation - to take Jesus to new people, places, and problems. As one of the pioneers sent from RSM, I will also be launching Radiant Dance Ministry. Radiant Dance Ministry exists to minister to and with the spirit of God through sacred dancers and prophetic movement. I have seen the way dance sets people free and creates deeper intimacy with God. I have even seen salvations because of someone’s boldness to dance. 

Just as my life was changed in RSM over the past two years, I want to see other’s lives changed, too. So, I will be helping with local and global outreach in our school by training students on how to share their testimony and share the gospel. I will also help organize our local outreach trips and help lead our 6 week international expeditions in the spring.

Under the covering of RSM, I will get to launch Radiant Dance Ministry, too, and bring dance into our expression of worship at Radiant Church. We will have a dance team in the prayer room weekly that is open to all who want to worship God through movement and flags, and we will also have dancers on the weekend services once a month. I get the honor to lead this ministry in this season as it begins.

Thank you for reading this and considering joining my team of supporters in prayer and finances. I couldn’t do this without you, and I am so thankful that God chose to partner us together!


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